Leading distributor of imported and domestic organic products of over 4500 items with a perfectly organized flexible distribution network across the country.

Our portfolio includes vegan, gluten-free products, 100% natural and organic products, fruits and vegetables. We export products to Macedonia, Greece, Serbia and to other countries. We export bamboo cups and utensils under our private label “BAMBOOCUP” to 26 countries – the USA, Colombia, South Africa, Russia, Malta, Poland, Belgium, Czech Republic, Italy, Serbia, Greece, etc.

Our customers are supermarkets, specialized organic and healthy food shops. Children’s feeding, petrol stations, fitness centers, chemist’s and yoga studios.

Our customer base is distributed everywhere, from small to big places and towns. The channels we attend include:

  • Wholesale of organic and natural food
  • Retailers of natural and organic food
  • Food Chain shops on the mass market
  • Independent groceries
  • HoReCa channels

Development of own trademarks

Our passion for good food and wellness has inspired us to create a variety of brands that better attend our customers’ needs.

Balev Bio Ltd distributes products under its own trademarks: ALOKA, BALEV BIO, BAMBOOCUP.


Own trademark for packaging of organic and natural raw materials under the brand ALOKA

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Own trademark of organic and natural raw materials that is packaged by BALEV BIO

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Own trademark of bamboo cups and utensils BAMBOOCUP.

Our mission is to make accessible the way of life in harmony with the laws of nature that will guarantee human health and a clean environment. A great example of this is our bamboo cups and utensils at:

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